Pareidolia is a series of stories about normal human beings and their trials and tribulations as they encounter forces from the Supernatural Plane. So far, there is a total of six volumes in the series, Volumes 5-7 being a Composition. Most of these volumes entails the backstory and a plot involvement of the characters in their respective story. Volumes 5-7 does not center around a certain character, but instead focuses on the central plot as the main characters' stories converge and affect each other. 


Volume 1Edit

I Am My Salvation (Jason's Story) Edit

  • Sin in the City
  • Silent Night 

Winter of Woe (Snow Nevinovat's Story)Edit

  • Rabbit in the Hole
  • Find Your Sword
  • Blue Blood 

Tantsy Smerti (Aksana Lyakhov's Story)Edit

  • Lovely Bones 
  • Red and White 

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